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German Lemmas contains the following items:

AuxNumfor verbs: auxiliary verb, numericnumeric
Auxfor verbs: auxiliary verb, labelstring
CardOrdNumfor numerals: cardinal/ordinal, numericnumeric
CardOrdfor numerals: cardinal/ordinal, labelstring
Casefor prepositions: casestring
ClassNumword class, numericnumeric
Classword class, labelstring
CompAccfor verbs: accusative complementstring
CompAdvfor verbs: adverbial complementstring
CompCntnumber of morphological componentsnumeric
CompCompfor verbs: complete segmentationstring
CompDatfor verbs: dative complementstring
CompEsSubjfor verbs: 'Es'-subject complementstring
CompGenfor verbs: genitive complementstring
CompPrepfor verbs: prepositional complementstring
CompSecAccfor verbs: second accusative complementstring
CompSecPrepfor verbs: second prepositional complementstring
CompSubjfor verbs: subject complementstring
Compcompound analysis methodstring
Defdefault analysisstring
DerCompderivational compound analysis methodstring
FamFreqfamily frequencynumeric
FamSizefamily sizenumeric
FlatClassflat segmentation, word class labelsstring
FlatSAflat segmentation, stem/affix labelsstring
Flatflat segmentationstring
GendNumfor nouns: gender, numericnumeric
Gendfor nouns: gender, labelstring
Gradfor adjectives: gradabilitystring
HeadCntheadword, number of lettersnumeric
HeadDiaheadword, diacriticsstring
HeadLowSortheadword, lowercase, alphabetical, sortedstring
HeadLowheadword, lowercase, alphabeticalstring
HeadRevheadword, reversedstring
HeadSylChglemma unequal to syllabified formstring
HeadSylCntheadword, number of orthographic syllablesnumeric
HeadSylDiaheadword, syllabified, diacriticsstring
HeadSylheadword, syllabifiedstring
IdNumlemma numbernumeric
ImmAllostem allomorphy, top levelstring
ImmClassimmediate segmentation, word class labelsstring
ImmOpacopacity, top levelstring
ImmSAimmediate segmentation, stem/affix labelsstring
ImmUmlumlaut, top levelstring
Immimmediate segmentationstring
InflParinflectional paradigmstring
InflVarinflectional variationstring
LevelCntnumber of morphological levelsnumeric
MannDevmannheim frequency deviationstring
MannLogmannheim frequency, logarithmicnumeric
MannMlnmannheim frequency (1,000,000)numeric
MannSLogmannheim spoken frequency, logarithmicnumeric
MannSMlnmannheim spoken frequency (1,000,000)numeric
MannSmannheim spoken frequency 0.6mnumeric
MannWLogmannheim written frequency, logarithmicnumeric
MannWMlnmannheim written frequency (1,000,000)numeric
MannWmannheim written frequency 5.4mnumeric
Mannmannheim frequencynumeric
MorCntnumber of morphological analysesnumeric
MorphCntnumber of morphological formsnumeric
MorphStatusmorphological statusstring
PhonCLXphon. headword, CELEX charsetstring
PhonCPAphon. headword, CPA charsetstring
PhonCVBrheadword, phon CV pattern, with bracketsstring
PhonCVheadword, phon. CV patternstring
PhonCntheadword, number of phonemesnumeric
PhonDISCphon. headword, DISC charsetstring
PhonSAMphon. headword, SAM-PA charsetstring
PhonStCLXphon. stem CELEX charsetstring
PhonStCPAphon. stem, CPA charsetstring
PhonStCVBrstem, phon. CV pattern, with bracketsstring
PhonStCVstem, phon. CV patternstring
PhonStCntstem, number of phonemesnumeric
PhonStDISCphon. stem, DISC charsetstring
PhonStSAMphon. stem, SAM-PA charsetstring
PhonStrsCLXsyll. phon. headword, with stress, CELEX charsetstring
PhonStrsCPAsyll. phon. headword, with stress, CPA charsetstring
PhonStrsDISCsyll. phon. headword, with stress, DISC charsetstring
PhonStrsSAMsyll. phon. headword, with stress, SAM-PA charsetstring
PhonStrsStCLXsyll. phon. stem, with stress, CELEX charsetstring
PhonStrsStCPAsyll. phon. stem, with stress, CPA charsetstring
PhonStrsStDISCsyll. phon. stem, with stress, DISC charsetstring
PhonStrsStSAMsyll. phon. stem, with stress, SAM-PA charsetstring
PhonSylBCLXsyll. phon. headword, CELEX charset (brackets)string
PhonSylCLXsyll. phon. headword, CELEX charsetstring
PhonSylCPAsyll. phon. headword, CPA charsetstring
PhonSylDISCsyll. phon. headword, DISC charsetstring
PhonSylSAMsyll. phon. headword, SAM-PA charsetstring
PhonSylStBCLXsyll. phon. stem, CELEX charset (brackets)string
PhonSylStCLXsyll. phon. stem, CELEX charsetstring
PhonSylStCPAsyll. phon. stem, CPA charsetstring
PhonSylStDISCsyll. phon. stem, DISC charsetstring
PhonSylStSAMsyll. phon. stem, SAM-PA charsetstring
PhonolCLXphonological deep structure, CELEX charsetstring
PhonolSAMphonological deep structure, SAM-PA charsetstring
PlurTantfor nouns: plurale tantumstring
PropNumfor nouns: proper noun, numericnumeric
Propfor nouns: proper noun, labelstring
SingTantfor nouns: singulare tantumstring
StStrsPatstem, stress patternnumeric
StSylCntstem, number of phonetic syllablesnumeric
StemCntstem, number of lettersnumeric
StemDiastem, diacriticsstring
StemRevstem, reversedstring
StemSylChgstem unequal to syllabified formstring
StemSylCntstem, number of orthographic syllablesnumeric
StemSylDiastem, syllabified, diacriticsstring
StemSylstem, syllabifiedstring
StrsPatheadword, stress patternstring
StrucAllostem allomorphy, any levelstring
StrucBracLabstructured segmentation, word class labels onlystring
StrucLabstructured segmentation, word class labelsstring
StrucOpacstem opacity, any levelstring
StrucUmlumlaut, any levelstring
Strucstructured segmentationstring
SubClassPNumfor pronouns: subclasses, numericnumeric
SubClassPfor pronouns: subclasses, labelstring
SubClassVNumfor verbs: subclasses, numericnumeric
SubClassVfor verbs: subclasses, labelstring
SylCntheadword, number of phonetic syllablesnumeric

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